While this document outlines the responsibilities for each role, the continued success of Blueprint has been reliant on members working cross-functionally on things they care about. If there is an initiative that you would like to see through, a pain point you want to address, or anything else - write up a request for comments (RFC) in Notion and get started by sharing it with the appropriate members.

In addition to the responsibilities defined below, every member is responsible for being an advocate for their role and being a part of the next recruitment cycle for their role.

Roles only define responsibilities. Blueprint has a flat hierarchy.

Table of Contents

Executive Team

Co-Presidents [Internal Only]

The Presidents are the leaders of Blueprint and its chief representatives. They are ultimately responsible for the success of all aspects of Blueprint. They set the direction for the club, uphold club values and mission, and manage the day-to-day operations of the executive team. You can’t run a club without presidents, so if you really want to drive the vision and execute on new ideas, this might be the fit for you.

VP Engineering

The VP Engineering is responsible for the technical success of current and future projects. They drive initiatives that improve org-wide engineering processes and foster mentorship. They lead all project leads on Blueprint.